Kids Friendly Activities

Travel Guilin, China: Family Friendly Activities

Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of a new year… a fresh start and new adventures! I started following some travel bloggers to check out different possibilities for new adventures… wow, their photos were pretty mind blowing! It reminded me of all the beautiful and amazing places that God created just for us to enjoy!…

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Travel England: Favorite Castles to Visit

All the kids (3girlsandaboy) are back at school with their backpacks in tow, new shoes laced up and lunch bags packed. They were all excited and ready for the new school year. It seemed like summer was a distant memory for them. But for me, I wasn’t feeling it… I didn’t want to let go…

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Travel SF: Favorite Local Beaches

There are many days when dirty dishes are piled up, beds need to be made, and there’s clutter in every space that meets the eye. My head is pounding and I’m about to lose it if I stay in the house one more second. Are you with me? It’s during these moments, that I take…

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